Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach Recognized for Zero Medication Errors


Medication errors in assisted living facilities can cause harm to the residents who call these communities their home. When you give medications, regardless of the type, there are basic principles that you should always adhere to in order to ensure the utmost in resident safety. Our esteemed staff members at Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach know firsthand how important it is to administer medications correctly, each time, every time.

Recently, AL Cloud Care presented Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach with an award denoting their excellence in medication management for achieving zero medication errors from January 1, 2018—October 31, 2018. During that time, over 205, 400 doses of medication were administered to residents at Grand Oaks with no errors.

“We are very proud of our Nurse Manager Stacey and our nursing staff,” said Randy Kelly, Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach Administrator. “This award really shows how hard they work to make sure our residents have the best care possible.”

AL Cloud Care makes cloud-based medication administration software that allows users to electronically track and manage the dispensing, record-keeping, and charting of medications. The company presents awards to assisted living communities throughout the U.S. that use their software for medication administration. The awards are presented in recognition of outstanding service in several distinguished areas. Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach received the award for medication management because they perfectly managed all aspects of administration for over two-hundred thousand doses of medication from January 1st through October 31, 2018.

Knowing the right way to administer and manage medicine helps prevent medication errors in assisted living facilities and requires extensive training, as well as impeccable attention to detail. Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach’s nursing staff is trained to ensure they have five very important pieces of information correct before administering any medications. These pieces of information are referred to as the “Five Rights” and include:

  • The Right Patient
  • The Right Drug
  • The Right Dose
  • The Right Time
  • The Right Route

According to the Newsletter, Healthline Red, medication errors in assisted living facilities happen at an unfortunately high rate, accounting for over one million injuries per year, even when doses are administered by healthcare professionals. This makes the award presented to Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach’s nursing team all the more noteworthy, as only a team of elite nursing staff has the skills and dedication necessary to provide such an exceptional level of care.

Congratulations to the Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach nursing team for winning the AL Cloud Care Outstanding Achievement in Medication Management Award!

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