Four Fun Ways to Celebrate National Assisted Living Week!


Established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), National Assisted Living Week helps promote awareness about the important way assisted living facilities benefit local communities, residents, and their families.

This year’s National Assisted Living Week is September 9—15th. The theme is “Capture the Moment,” which is meant to inspire families, residents, and caregivers to reminisce about past times with their senior loved one, while capturing present moments together with pictures and videos.

“’Capture the Moment’ reminds us to focus on the things that give our lives purpose, to be present in the here and now, and to be grateful for every moment,” said Scott Tittle, Executive Director of NCAL.

Assisted living communities across the country are hosting a variety of special events and activities to help bring awareness to National Assisted Living Week and to show appreciation for their residents and staff members. This year’s theme is about capturing moments with pictures, and those who wish to celebrate are encouraged to take and share photos or videos with a loved one in an assisted living community. (Just be sure to obtain prior consent before taking any pictures or videos of residents.)

Fun Ways to Capture the Moment

There are lots of fun ways you can capture the moment with a senior loved one during National Assisted Living Week. For example, you can:

Celebrate with a video call. Technology has made it easier than ever to connect with loved ones who live far away. You can capture a special memory by video calling family and friends while visiting your loved one in an assisted living community. Everyone will enjoy being “virtually together” during the calls, and seeing everyone’s smiling faces—both on and off the screen—always makes for great memories!

Take an off-site trip. If your senior loved one is able to leave their assisted living community, an off-site trip is a great way to have fun, take pictures together, and create lasting memories. Depending on their hobbies or personal interests, you can take your loved one out for lunch, to a shopping mall, to the golf course, or for a scenic drive!

Reminisce with photos from the past. Sharing past captured moments is a heartwarming way to spend time with your loved one during National Assisted Living Week. You can flip through old family photo albums together, or you can watch videos from past birthdays, anniversaries, or wedding celebrations. When reminiscing, don’t be surprised if you hear stories and memories from your loved one that you’ve never heard before!

Take a selfie. You don’t have to make special plans to capture a special moment with a loved one living in an assisted living community. Taking time to visit and snapping a few selfies while you’re together is a fun and easy way to spend time with an older loved one while adding to your collection of memories.

National Assisted Living Week is also about celebrating the rewarding relationships between assisted living residents and staff members. Caregivers and staff members at assisted living communities often become the residents’ second family, providing the same level of care, love, and respect that a family member would.

“It’s also a time to celebrate the special bond that forms between assisted living staff members, residents and their families,” said Tittle.

No matter who you are, everyone can enjoy Assisted Living Week; staff members, residents, families, and members of the community can all capture the moment by spending quality time with a loved one who calls an assisted living community, like Grand Oaks of Jensen Beach, their home.


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